Vendor info (9/15)

When you are accepted into the hunt  I will send you your welcome kit. I send out all first welcome kits though a POSTMASTER system. This system does NOT deliver your items until you are logged into secondlife,(BUT if you have it so non friends can not see you online it will not send it) so even if you do get capped you will get this.
 I will also send them out in group notices so it is very important for you to join the group on your own. Only vendors receive notices and I will change your tag once accepted. If you miss something please please check notices first.

Adult hunts- When taking part in an Adult hunt there must be no child or child like stores or items for sale by your store. This cause problems I just don't wish to deal with. please understand.

Sponsors- When you are accepted as a sponsor there is a 300L fee to be paid to lock in your spot in the hunt. Please do not pay this until accepted! (see welcome kit hunt information notecard for any special instructions)

Notice rights will be given to vendors at the start of each hunt. Vendors are welcomed to send out one notice per day. There will be no spamming in group chat ever it is for hunter help only.

Hunt Signs are to be placed out at your landing zone once you receive it.

Hunt gifts should be boxed before placed inside the hunt prim you are welcome to add any landmarks or note cards with your gift.

Hunt prims will be found in your welcome kit. What you will find in your hunt prim will be a note card with the hunt hint blog link on it. There will be NO landmarks inside the hunt prim for this hunt, hunters will go to the hunt blog to find their hints and slurls to the next location. Please read your how your hunt prims note card.

Decoys are allowed but only 4 this includes any part of your store you may rename the same as your hunt prim if we find more then 4 plus your hunt prim you will be asked to remove some.

Re-sizing your hunt prim is ok but your xyz can be no smaller then 0.1100, and no recoloring the prim.

Store Moving- There is a tab on this blog to let us know if your store has moved or closed. Please don't make us hunt you done.

Hunt hints & gift pictures are due in by the 26th of the month before the start of the hunt. They will be done right here on the blog no more pesky note cards.

Day before hunt starts is when your hunt prim should be hidden and ready for hunters.